Kalde was founded in 1977 and after a short time it has turned into a company manufacturing for Turkey's major industrial organizations by coming to the forefront with its product quality and business approach.
 At the end of the 1990's Kalde managed to rank among the world's leading industrial organizations with its experience in metal manufacturing, high production capacity and export power.

In the 2000's, it evolved the role of 'system builder' within the industry by making new investments in plastic pipes and plumbing systems.
 Turning into a manufacturer of the leading plumbing systems in the world with its handy - innovative products, integrated solutions and applications which facilitates its customers in their work, today Kalde has reached its goal to produce 'Lasting Value'; and in accordance with this goal it is continuing to take new steps. 

  • 1977     Kalde was founded.
                 Brass parts began to be produced for air conditioners.
  • 2002     Export department was established.
                 The production of PP pipe and articulation component was started.
  • 2006     A new factory was opened for the pipe production.
  • 2007     In the list of Turkey's largest exporters it ranked number 199.
  • 2008     The production of PP products with glass fibre was started.
                 It increased to number 164 in the list of Turkey's largest exporters.
  • 2009     Berke plastic, the manufacturer of PVC, joined the structure of Kalde.
                 It was turned into one of Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises.
                 Corrugated pipes and irrigation systems started to be produced.
  • 2010     The ball valve product range was extended.
  • 2012     A silent waste water pipe system started to be produced.
  • 2013     Panel radiator started to be produced.