Sponsorship and CSR


During the years 2013-2014 Kalde initially made uniform sponsorship of football, men's basketball and women's volleyball teams of Besiktas Gymnastics Club. One of the important values of sport in Turkey, with its deep-rooted history, unique supporters worldwide and achievements, Besiktas Gymnastics Club has decided to continue this sponsorship with our institution in the following years with the intention of moving the association into the future.

The quality of Turkish sports is increasing, and Kalde will continue to appear on the arms of the football team and the back of the men’s basketball team for five years starting from the 2014-2015 season in order for Besiktas to achieve the success it deserves. It will also provide support in the form of a plumbing system necessary for transport of the Vodafone Arena, the opening of which will be held in the 2014-2015 season, for the coming years as the 'lasting value'.

You can click here to read the news related to our sponsorship agreement on the official website of Besiktas Gymnastics Club.